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Princess Lover! Episode 1 Empty Princess Lover! Episode 1

Post by redocean on Tue Jul 14, 2009 3:42 am

Opening Sequence
Princess Lover! Episode 1 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%20OP%20-%2001Princess Lover! Episode 1 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%20OP%20-%2002Princess Lover! Episode 1 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%20OP%20-%2003
OP: Princess Primp!

Princess Lover! Episode 1 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%2001%20-%2001Princess Lover! Episode 1 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%2001%20-%2002Princess Lover! Episode 1 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%2001%20-%2004Princess Lover! Episode 1 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%2001%20-%2007Princess Lover! Episode 1 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%2001%20-%2010Princess Lover! Episode 1 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%2001%20-%2014Princess Lover! Episode 1 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%2001%20-%2031Princess Lover! Episode 1 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%2001%20-%2033

After both of his parents died in a supposed accident, Arima Teppei is
on his way to his grandfather’s place when he spots a girl in a
horse-drawn carriage being pursued by a car full of thugs. He decides
to help her and gives chase on his motorcycle, but the thugs get ahold
of him and point a gun at him. Luckily for Teppei, the girl’s butler
attacks and takes out one of the thugs. While the butler struggles with
another thug, Teppei sees the carriage about to crash and jumps onto it
to save the girl. The two of them get flung into the forest below, and
the butler can do nothing but finish off the last of the thugs. Teppei
wakes up relatively uninjured beside the girl, and she regains
consciousness after he inadvertently gropes her breast. She introduces
herself as Charlotte Hazellink, and even though she had noticed that he
had been touching her breast earlier, she decides to trust him. The two
then make their way back to the road where Charlotte is reunited with
her butler, though she first gives Teppei a kiss on the cheek.

Afterward, Teppei heads to his wealthy grandfather Isshin’s place.
Isshin confirms that Teppei’s parent’s deaths weren’t the result of an
accident, but he tries to warn Teppei against revenge because it
wouldn’t be the life that his parents wanted for him. When his
grandfather finds out that Teppei is all dirty because he helped
someone in trouble, he presents Teppei looking like that to all his
party guests. What surprises Teppei is that his grandfather announces
him as the successor to the Arima business conglomerate, and he’s
further surprised when his grandfather makes him realize that the girl
he saved was the princess of the Hazellink kingdom. After getting
cleaned up, he protests against being the successor, but his
grandfather points out that he can use this to figure out who was
responsible for his parents’ death since his mother used to be the
successor. Back at the party, Teppei is surrounded by people who want
to get close to him until he’s helped out by Vincent van Hossen who’s
with there with his young daughter Maria.

Teppei is eventually able to get away from it all and gets better
acquainted with his grandfather’s maid, but what really gets his
attention is the sight of another girl outside practicing with a sword.
Grabbing his own set, Teppei decides to go get some exercise, and the
girl ends up unexpectedly attacking him because she thinks he’s a
suspicious-looking. Teppei is able to match her sword skills though,
and they’re eventually broken up by Isshin and Vincent. As it turns
out, the girl is Vincent’s other daughter Sylvia, and Isshin reveals
that she’s Teppei’s fiancée.

Ending Sequence
Princess Lover! Episode 1 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%20ED%20-%2001Princess Lover! Episode 1 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%20ED%20-%2002Princess Lover! Episode 1 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%20ED%20-%2003
ED: S.S.D!
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Princess Lover! Episode 1 Empty Re: Princess Lover! Episode 1

Post by Zero~sama012 on Tue Jul 14, 2009 3:50 am

Good job! Cool

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