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Princess Lover! Episode 2 Empty Princess Lover! Episode 2

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Princess Lover! Episode 2 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%2002%20-%2001Princess Lover! Episode 2 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%2002%20-%2006Princess Lover! Episode 2 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%2002%20-%2017Princess Lover! Episode 2 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%2002%20-%2019Princess Lover! Episode 2 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%2002%20-%2026Princess Lover! Episode 2 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%2002%20-%2028Princess Lover! Episode 2 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%2002%20-%2029Princess Lover! Episode 2 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%2002%20-%2027

Teppei is shocked to see how big his new house is, and he’s not used to
having maids wait on him hand and foot. His main servant is Fujikura
Yuu, and he confides in her his uncertainties about having a fiancée he
doesn’t know very well. All he could tell from facing off against
Sylvia was that she seemed sad. Yuu attends school with him the next
day at the prestigious Shuuhou Academy, and everyone is interested in
him because of the Arima name. In trying to escape from the attention,
Teppei accidentally bumps into a girl and hits his head. The girl turns
out to be Houjouin Seika from the society club, and after the two pick
themselves up, she inspects Teppei and expects him to know who she is
but doesn’t hold it against him when he doesn’t. Yuu then finds Teppei
and brings him to see the ecstatic principal before taking him to his

During break time, Teppei is suffocated by classmates who want to get
to know him because of his family, and all this commotion attracts
Charlotte’s attention. Recognizing Teppei, she is so happy to see him
again that she jumps on him, and the two take a tumble that ends with
him on top of her. By chance, Sylvia comes by to see Teppei at this
very moment, and she catches him and Charlotte in this compromising
position. Sylvia runs out embarrassed, and Teppei is still in shock,
but Charlotte isn’t bothered at all. Teppei eventually reveals to
Charlotte that Sylvia is his fiancée, so Charlotte proposes going to
reconcile with her. She thus drags Teppei to the building where all the
fencers are practicing, and Teppei watches as Sylvia loses her foil in
a fight. He observes that she’s probably lonely because there’s no one
there who can make her go all out, so Charlotte proposes a match
between him and Sylvia.

Princess Lover! Episode 2 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%2002%20-%20Preview%2001Princess Lover! Episode 2 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%2002%20-%20Preview%2002Princess Lover! Episode 2 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%2002%20-%20Preview%2003
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