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Post by redocean on Sun Aug 16, 2009 3:30 am

CANAAN Episode 7 CANAAN%20-%2007%20-%2003CANAAN Episode 7 CANAAN%20-%2007%20-%2004CANAAN Episode 7 CANAAN%20-%2007%20-%2006CANAAN Episode 7 CANAAN%20-%2007%20-%2007CANAAN Episode 7 CANAAN%20-%2007%20-%2017CANAAN Episode 7 CANAAN%20-%2007%20-%2022CANAAN Episode 7 CANAAN%20-%2007%20-%2029CANAAN Episode 7 CANAAN%20-%2007%20-%2039

Canaan has arrived at the conference hall and makes her way past the
guards, dodging and running with such speed that they end up shooting
each other. Liang Qi wants to do something about it, and much to her
shock, Alphard no longer cares what she does. Meanwhile, the White
House has learned of the Ua Virus being released, and the U.S.
vice-president’s first option is to get the anti-virus developed by
Maria’s father in Japan. However, his car appears to get hit with a
bomb soon after he departs, and his apparent death leaves the
vice-president no choice but to take the drastic measure of bombing the
conference hall. Back in the control room, Maria questions why Alphard
is using the Ua Virus, and this gets Alphard angry. After telling the
world leaders that they’re going to die, she explains to Maria that
there used to be a mercenary who trained young girls, and they were all
called Canaan. Alphard, however, has abandoned that name.

Alphard then leaves the facility with Cummings, and shortly thereafter,
Canaan arrives to save Maria. Unfortunately, the bomber is now closing
in on the facility, and Canaan gets a call from Natsume who is using
some of Santana’s old equipment. The plan is to change the bomb’s
target, and Natsume needs Canaan’s help. Meanwhile, Maria’s father
arrives safely outside the conference hall after everyone had thought
that he had died. The bomb has already been dropped though, and no one
can call it back, so Canaan is forced to use the full extent of her
powers on the GPS guidance system. The bomb impacts moments later, and
fortunately, Canaan was able to get it to miss. Both she and Maria are
okay, and Maria is ecstatic. When the two of them go out onto the roof
afterward though, Canaan suddenly starts feeling dizzy, and she
realizes that she can no longer see the colors that she usually can.

CANAAN Episode 7 CANAAN%20-%2007%20-%20Preview%2001CANAAN Episode 7 CANAAN%20-%2007%20-%20Preview%2002CANAAN Episode 7 CANAAN%20-%2007%20-%20Preview%2003
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