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Princess Lover! Episode 7 Empty Princess Lover! Episode 7

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Princess Lover! Episode 7 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%2007%20-%2002Princess Lover! Episode 7 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%2007%20-%2003Princess Lover! Episode 7 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%2007%20-%2009Princess Lover! Episode 7 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%2007%20-%2011Princess Lover! Episode 7 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%2007%20-%2017Princess Lover! Episode 7 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%2007%20-%2018Princess Lover! Episode 7 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%2007%20-%2036Princess Lover! Episode 7 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%2007%20-%2039

After the two of them escape from Charlotte’s over-protective butler,
Charlotte reveals to Teppei that her foot is hurt, and he decides to
carry her to the infirmary. Charlotte uses the chance to get Teppei to
promise to take her to eat at a place his family owns, but in the
meantime, their attention is turned to the sudden parachute arrival of
a man named Hartmann Bezelheim. Sylvia recognizes him as a businessman
from Hazellink, and everyone, including Sylvia, is surprised when he
introduces himself as Charlotte’s fiancé. Hartmann plans to stay for a
while and has some business with Teppei’s grandfather, and after he
leaves the school grounds, Charlotte doesn’t want to talk about her
engagement. Teppei acts like he doesn’t mind though and still wants to
take her out to eat. Later that night, Sylvia overhears her father
talking angrily on the phone about their home country, and she
confronts Charlotte about it the next day. As it turns out, there is a
secret nuclear weapon storage facility being constructed under the
border between their two countries which could threaten their
countries’ relations, but Charlotte claims to know nothing about it.

Afterward, Charlotte gets a text message from Teppei saying that he
wants to talk with her tonight at the Arima Hills location that she
wanted to eat at. Teppei goes there in person to make the arrangements,
and while he’s at the front desk, he runs into Hartmann. Hartmann just
wanted to greet him, and while Teppei is away from his phone, he misses
a call from Charlotte. Hartmann then goes on to meet with Teppei’s
grandfather and Sylvia’s father about the situation regarding their
respective countries. Charlotte meanwhile gets another text message
from Teppei telling when and where to meet, so she sneaks out of home
and heads there. The room is empty though, and Teppei is actually back
at his house practicing with his sword. When he gets another phone
call, he realizes that he’s been missing Charlotte’s calls all night,
but when he tries to call her back, no one picks up. Shortly
thereafter, he gets a text message referencing what happened to his
parents and threatening the person who loves him. Unbeknownst to
Teppei, the power at Arima Hills has been cut off, and a force of armed
men have arrived.

Princess Lover! Episode 7 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%2007%20-%20Preview%2001Princess Lover! Episode 7 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%2007%20-%20Preview%2002Princess Lover! Episode 7 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%2007%20-%20Preview%2003
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