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After a nightmare about Maria shattering into pieces, Canaan wakes up
to find Maria standing over her hospital bed. Both are glad that the
other is actually okay, but Canaan is bothered by how she can’t sense
people’s colors anymore. Minoru meanwhile is on the phone with Maria’s
father talking about survivors of the Ua Virus from the village that
disappeared. Minoru suspects that Alphard’s organization somehow got
the anti-virus and are using the village survivors, meaning that what
happened at the village was actually human experimentation. In response
to this, Maria’s father thinks that there’d be clues in the village.
Meanwhile, at Santana’s shop, Hakko has a flashback to how she watched
a child die from the Ua Virus while in a facility somewhere. She’s only
able to find solace from these memories by drinking and kissing Santana.

Back at the hospital, Canaan is discharged, but she still feels lost
without the colors she’s used to sensing, Maria decides to take her out
for some fun, and they happen to find a live concert being held in an
open area. What they don’t realize it that Hakko is there too, and when
she tries to sing along with the song, it causes everyone around her
great pain, including Maria and Canaan. Hakko doesn’t realize it and
stop until she hears a child crying, and afterward, Canaan leads Maria
away from the area. All of this has made Canaan aware of the fact that
she can no longer protect Maria without the colors she’s used to
seeing. Minoru, meanwhile, goes to confront Santana about Hakko, and
Hakko and Santana decide to take him, Maria, and Canaan to her old
village. On the car trip west, Canaan notices that Hakko is looking at
her funny, but for the time being, neither of them act on it.

When they stop for the night, Maria admires the stars with Canaan and
tells her about the encounter with Alphard. She then segues into how
she used to feel empty and how Canaan shined, and Maria had wanted to
be at Canaan’s side so that she herself could one day shine. She wants
Canaan to always be with her, and the two hold hands. Later that night,
after everyone else has fallen asleep, Hakko tries to strangle Canaan,
but Canaan is able to fight her off. Hakko then runs away, so Canaan
chases after her, and Santana soon wakes up and notices that they’re
missing. Santana’s yelling for Hakko wakes Minoru, and Santana ends up
revealing that Hakko hasn’t forgiven him for erasing her village.
Canaan meanwhile catches up with Hakko and questions if Hakko hates
her, but she can’t figure out Hakko’s true feelings without being able
to see the colors. Hakko eventually gets back up and silently tells
Canaan that it’s her fault, but she goes back to the car. The next
morning, the only one unaware of what happened is Maria. Everyone’s
attention though is soon turned towards a long figure biking down the
road: Yunyun.

CANAAN Episode 8 CANAAN%20-%2008%20-%20Preview%2001CANAAN Episode 8 CANAAN%20-%2008%20-%20Preview%2002CANAAN Episode 8 CANAAN%20-%2008%20-%20Preview%2003
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