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Yunyun tries to pretend not to recognize Maria, but she ends up having
no choice but to join the group. During a rest stop, she reveals that
she’ll die if she runs out of medicine, and she had wanted to see her
home village again. Maria doesn’t want her to die, and Canaan doesn’t
either, but their conversation is interrupted by the appearance of a
gunman. Canaan tries to stop him, but it’s hard for her to fight
without her synesthesia abilities, and ultimately it’s Hakko who
disorients him with her yell. That leads to the gunman taking off his
helmet, and the exposure to the sun causes him to die. Afterward,
Santana identifies the man as an Unbloom, and Minoru has Maria take a
picture of the corpse. The group then proceeds on to the village, and
once there, Santana finally explains to Minoru how he used to be in the
CIA. They had spread the Ua Virus to the village and used it to test an
anti-virus, but Santana didn’t realize until later that this was
actually an experiment to manufacture Creatures using the side effect
of the Ua Virus. Minoru realizes that this means that the CIA was
actually working with Alphard’s organization. In any case, Santana
eventually left the CIA, and he met Natsume whose NGO’s job was to find
traces of the crimes that the CIA committed.

Santana also explains that Unblooms are those who couldn’t become
Borners, and at the end of the discussion, he asks Minoru to help Hakko
if anything happens to him while he tries to deal with his past. This
is cut short by the sudden arrival of an attack helicopter piloted by
Liang Qi, and she starts firing missiles at the village. She manages to
hit the building that Canaan takes shelter in, but her assault is
interrupted by another helicopter, this one under the control of
Alphard. Alphard is here to take out Liang Qi, but when she runs out of
machine gun ammo and tries to have Cummings give her more, he shoots
her because he doesn’t want her to kill Liang Qi. Alphard, however, had
replaced his gun with an air gun, and she points her own gun at him for
betraying her, allowing him one last word before he dies. Cummings can
only say Ai (love) before he gets shot, but it turns out that Alphard
also isn’t using real bullets either and has spared him because she’s
interested in his and Liang Qi’s concept of love.

After Liang Qi flies off, Alphard lands her helicopter and locates
Canaan inside the rubble of the destroyed building. When she realizes
that Canaan can’t see her color, she reminds Canaan of Siam and how she
killed him. Canaan notes that Siam was her light, but she has a new
light, and this prompts Alphard to tell her not to die until she shows
her true power. With a trace of her synesthesia ability now active,
Canaan realizes that Alphard has an odd color - the same light brown
color that Siam had. Canaan then loses consciousness, and Alphard feels
that Canaan wasn’t hope and that there doesn’t need to be two with the
name Canaan. Nevertheless, Alphard drags her out of the rubble just as
Maria and the rest of the group arrives. Santana wants to shoot her,
but Alphard explains that she’s going to the place called Factory where
she’ll destroy everything, so they should let her go. She also
instructs Maria to tell Canaan that Canaan’s true name is despair.

CANAAN Episode 9 CANAAN%20-%2009%20-%20Preview%2001CANAAN Episode 9 CANAAN%20-%2009%20-%20Preview%2002CANAAN Episode 9 CANAAN%20-%2009%20-%20Preview%2003
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