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Post by redocean on Sun Sep 20, 2009 6:36 am

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After returning from the factory, Canaan, Minoru, Yunyun, and Maria
find a place to stay in a nearby town. Canaan is plagued with thoughts
of how everyone has been hard on her and how so many have died, and
Maria is the only one able to make her feel a little better. The next
day, they find that the car has broken down, so Minoru decides that the
girls should go ahead by train. A short time into the train ride
though, the train stops, and Canaan hears gunfire and goes to
investigate. She still remembers how Siam died on a train like this,
and much to her surprise, she finds him sitting in one of the cars. In
fact, all the people who have died so far are there, and they imply
that it was Canaan who killed them all. One of them, Hakko, even
appears to get a bullet to the head after blaming Canaan. Siam tells
Canaan not to avert her eyes and rely on strange senses, but to instead
fix her eyes on the truth.

The train then starts moving again, and Canaan realizes that the car is
full of passengers who have been killed, triggering what Siam claims is
Canaan’s fear of death. Back in the car that Maria and Yunyun are in,
Alphard suddenly shows up and cites how Canaan is the strongest when
she has a light to protect. Alphard wants Maria to be the detonator
that awakens Canaan’s true power, and Maria agrees under the condition
that she can take Alphard’s picture. Moments later, Canaan hears a
gunshot and runs back to the car that Maria and Yunyun were in. When
she gets there, she at first sees Siam, but once she remembers his
advice, she sees Alphard instead. On the nearby seat is Maria’s blood,
and the trail leads out of the back of the car.

As it turns out, Alphard had shot Maria in the side and had locked her
and Yunyun in a car with some timed explosives nearby. This gives
Canaan very little time to fight Alphard, but she has no choice but to
do so. All during the fight, Alphard taunts Canaan with how she’s also
Canaan and how she and Siam are the same. She also claims that Siam
wouldn’t have died on that train if Canaan hadn’t appeared and that
Canaan is like a baby with a very straightforward love. When she forces
Canaan against a wall, she explains that she doesn’t want to kill
Canaan - she wants to kill the despair that Canaan represents since
that’s how Siam had felt towards those like her. As those two continue
to fight, the timer on the bomb continues to tick down, and Maria
decides to have Yunyun leave their car and detach it from the rest of
the train.

CANAAN Episode 12 CANAAN%20-%2012%20-%20Preview%2001CANAAN Episode 12 CANAAN%20-%2012%20-%20Preview%2002CANAAN Episode 12 CANAAN%20-%2012%20-%20Preview%2003
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CANAAN Episode 12 Empty Re: CANAAN Episode 12

Post by Zero~sama012 on Tue Sep 22, 2009 8:41 am

Trying 2 catch up back after long time not watch it.

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