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CANAAN Episode 13 (END) Empty CANAAN Episode 13 (END)

Post by redocean on Sun Sep 27, 2009 3:35 am

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Despite hearing the explosion, Canaan doesn’t let it bother her and
instead follows Siam’s advice. The way she stares freaks Alphard out,
and Canaan comes out on top in the ensuing firefight. With her arm
injured, Alphard decides to try to make her escape via a helicopter
that arrives for her, but Canaan sticks with her. When Alphard tries to
point out that Canaan should care more about Maria, Canaan affirms her
belief that Maria isn’t dead. Indeed, Yunyun had gone back and saved
Maria from the train wreckage, but even without knowing that, Canaan
believes because Maria is her friend. Regardless, Alphard attempts to
escape by helicopter, but Canaan stops her by killing the helicopter’s
gunner who then inadvertently kills the helicopter pilot. The two thus
go tumbling back onto the train, and Canaan smacks Alphard around until
she realizes something. Alphard gets free, but she slips on the side of
the train and nearly falls off. Canaan manages to catch her by the arm,
and she reveals that she realized that Alphard’s heart died when Siam
died. Canaan feels that she herself is different because of the people
she’s met, and as someone who is alive, she doesn’t want Alphard to die
any more. This causes Alphard to acknowledge to herself that she’s
bound to the past, and to free herself from what she considers to be a
curse, she shoots her own arm until it breaks off. This causes Alphard
to fall into the river below, and Canaan is left holding a bloody arm.

In the aftermath, Maria has a dream about being separated from Canaan,
and she wakes up in a Shanghai hospital. Minoru brought her here after
finding her and Yunyun on the side of the road, and Yunyun has long
since recovered and is working again. He hasn’t been able to contact
Canaan though, and he points to how her ultimate goal was to protect
Maria. He knows that the girls’ circumstances were too different, but
he feels that their hearts can still be close together, and Canaan,
who’s keeping her distance from the hospital, indeed feels the same
way. While Maria recovers, Minoru wanders around the city and decides
to drop the story about the village in favor of the story of Hakko and
Santana. He also visits Santana’s old shop and is glad that he’s alive.
Later, on the way to the airport with Maria, he hears Maria say sugoi
(lit. amazing) like she always used to, and she admits that she had
felt that she shouldn’t say it if she wanted to be with Canaan. She
knows now that, given how hard every person tries, there’s nothing
amazing that’s unreachable, and that’s why she believes what he said
about their hearts being close. As her plane flies over the city, Maria
vows not to forget what she saw and felt, and upon her return to Japan,
she opens up an art exhibit showcasing the photos that she took. At the
center of this exhibit are side-by-side photos of Canaan and Alphard,
and between them is a single caption that reads “CANAAN.”

Sometime later, in a different city, Canaan gets a call from Natsume about a job targeting a one-armed woman.

CANAAN Episode 13 (END) CANAAN%20-%2013%20-%2043CANAAN Episode 13 (END) CANAAN%20-%2013%20-%2044CANAAN Episode 13 (END) CANAAN%20-%2013%20-%2045
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CANAAN Episode 13 (END) Empty Re: CANAAN Episode 13 (END)

Post by Zero~sama012 on Fri Oct 02, 2009 8:14 am

Got 2 download it right away XD

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