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Princess Lover! Episode 3 Empty Princess Lover! Episode 3

Post by redocean on Mon Jul 20, 2009 2:47 am

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Teppei fares poorly against Sylvia when he uses a foil, but things even
up after Yuu brings him his sword. Sylvia is still a little faster than
him though, so he admits defeat, and the two become friends. Sylvia and
Charlotte also recommend him for the society club, but Seika opposes
him joining since she sees him as an outsider. She feels that he lacks
dignity and class, so Teppei vows to develop it, and Seika gives him
until the party in a week. The high-class etiquette that Teppei needs
is hard for him to learn though, and Charlotte, Sylvia, and Yuu try to
teach him. Charlotte in particular instructs him on dancing, and she
kisses him on the cheek as a reward in advance. One night, when he’s
not practicing, Teppei chats with Yuu about what he’s doing and about
making friends and allies. Yuu calls herself his friend, and she tells
him how his grandfather helped her and urged her to do what she could,
and this inspires Teppei to do his best. When the party finally
arrives, Teppei is able to impress everyone with his dance with
Charlotte. Seika admits that he did well, but she’s still not entirely
satisfied and wants him to host his own party.

Princess Lover! Episode 3 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%2003%20-%20Preview%2001Princess Lover! Episode 3 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%2003%20-%20Preview%2002Princess Lover! Episode 3 Princess%20Lover%21%20-%2003%20-%20Preview%2003
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